What is Gardenlab

Gardenlab is a technology company that provides services related to Non-fungible tokens & Blockchain technologies.Our aim is to enhance user retention and loyalty thanks to an advanced product that allow companies to generate and manage NFT Membership cards. The main innovation is the use of dynamic NFTs (dNFT).We will also provide an internal NFT marketplace in order to support the secondary market.It is time to build a new and sincere loyalty in which :

  • Your community feels valued and recognised,

  • Your community is engaged and involved,

  • Your community stays loyal and talks about you.

Our platform is currently based on the Polygon network. We are dedicated to the use of a blockchain with low fees, great security & infrastructure and a neutral carbon footprint.

  • Allow companies & brands to retain their community in the best way possible.

  • Help the transition from WEB 2.0 to WEB 3.0 in France and in Europe.

  • Make the WEB3 accessible to all

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